Secret Circle: Not Worth Watching


Seeing that The Secret Circle was available on Netflix, I was excited to dive it. A teen CW drama focusing on witches, I figured the show would be right up my alley.

Nope. The drama and silly plots I tend to be drawn to were there but the show lacks.. something. I couldn’t connect with the characters, didn’t care if they lived, and found myself thinking more about the plot holes than I did anything else.

The gist is this: After her mother is murdered, Cassie Blake moves to live with her grandmother. As she meets people from her mother and father’s pasts, Cassie learns she is a witch–and not the only one.

Fine. I was intrigued by this for approximately 1.5 episodes. But the show gets complicated–everyone has had an affair with everyone and this is somehow made boring and confusing. Cassie and her fellow witches in the circle keep trusting people only to be betrayed time and again. STOP TRUSTING PEOPLE GIVING YOU ADVICE ON MAGIC.

And then there are crystals that can kill people or bring them back to life.

Nope. Sorry. Dumb and poorly executed.

It’s a pity, though. I wanted to like the show but couldn’t. After 22 episodes, the CW cancelled the series, never giving it a second season.

I’m surprised it made it 22 episodes. I’m even more surprised I made it 22 episodes.


Voice: The Seriously Blind Auditions (cross post)


Cross posted from my (and my former roomie’s) other blog, several months ago. I just loved this activity so much and it applies to tv, so I thought I’d post it again!

Tonight, Logan and I (with some help from Sebby) decided to watch The Voice but experience it the way the judges do. We would listen to the contestants and type up a description of him or her and weren’t allowed to look until we were done. Read below to see how VERY wrong we were.

Contestant 1: Audrey

Logan: She seems like a weirdy (the mom, she just said she’s so nervous she could pee). Audrey on the other hand was a model for a while so we should assume she’s decent looking. I think she is a tall brunette with straight long hair. She’s skinny and is probably wearing jean shorts and boots. I think she is going to have a low vocal range. Here we go with her singing….oh this song. And, when asked by Sebby, I believe she has small boobs. And a flannel shirt on.

Monica: I’m assuming blonde. Ripped jeans. Thin, on the shorter side. She’s not wearing earrings or a necklance but maybe a little too much blush. She has streaks of black at the bottom of her hair. Blue eyes. White tank with a red flannel shirt tied up. Really tall heels.

Sebby: Brunette, 5’11, long straight black hair, broad shoulders, broad chest, small boobs


Not quite…

Winner: Tied. No one was right.

Contestant 2: Brandon

Logan: Brandon from Louisville, Kentucky. He’s in a band called Dirty something and volunteers for autistic kids, aw! Sounds like a cutie. I think he looks like the poor man’s Peeta (oops I mean Josh Hutcherson…but with blonde hair so yea Peeta). Shorter, a bit on the bulkier side. He’s probably wearing black jeans and a tee shirt from American Eagle. Oh this song! And that voice! Let’s add a hipster brown leather bracelet. And he makes it look good.

Monica: He’s got sorta flippy dirty blonde/brunette hair. He’s very thin. Has a vest on and jeans. His lips are a little weird. He’s considered good looking.

Sebby: a young, short david hasselhoff, 5 oclock shadow, very bristly.


Not even close..

Winner: Logan because she guess he would have a homemade bracelet. Also, Sebby pointed out that Brandon looks a little like Blake Shelton back in the day.


Yikes. That is not a good look, Blake!

Contestant 3: Betsy

Logan: I think she’s black. Short and skinny with skinny jeans on and a neon colored top with those ugly sneaker high tops. Something is in her hair (headband or scarf) and long nails.  And her hair itself probably has some color in it, like a red streak.

Monica: has darkhair, is white, weird flippy skirt, platform heels, too tight shirt, bigger girl.

Sebby: *Disqualified for looking*


Objectively, definitely not a big girl. Or black.

Winner: Monica, for guessing that Betsy’s white.

Contestant 4:

Logan: Patrick. I think he has short blond hair and is probably a bit heavier. I think he is wearing a v-neck sweater and jeans and overall is clean cut (shaven, no piercings or tats).

Contestant 4: 35, memphis, patrick dun?

Monica: Heavy set, light jeans, dark shirt, embroidered, short hair under a cowboy hat, boots but under jeans

Sebby: tall, lanky, weird, small mouth, blond hair, sneakers, earrings, gender confused


Not quite the cowboy I had in mind…

Winner: Sebby for guessing that he would be alternative

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 10)



Hell’s Kitchen is one of the shows I would like to stop watching but won’t. Though the format is somewhat of a pattern, the personalities on the show always keep things interesting. As I watched the first two episodes of season 10, I came up with a set of rules that contestants should but don’t follow:

1. Learn to cook scallops.

2. Do not serve raw fish.

3. Never say “I’m probably a better chef than Chef Ramsay.”

4. Learn to cook beef wellington.

5. Do not say “You are so lucky we’re not in the hood.”

6. If Chef Scott hands you a potato puree, check that it’s not cauliflower.

7. Don’t cook 6 fish if only 3 have been ordered.

8. Don’t make statements like “Men cook better than women. It’s a proven fact.”

9. Perfect your signature dish.

10. Don’t get drunk the night before a challenge or a service.

Now, if only I knew how to cook, I swear I could win!

Beyond Scared Straight


Were your favorite episodes of “Maury” the ones where a drill sergeant came to straighten out some trouble making teens?  Do you think kids need more tough love? Try watching “Beyond Scared Straight,” an A & E show that stems from the original 1970s “Sacred Straight” documentary.

On the show, parents bring their wild, law-breaking teens to see what being locked-up is really like. The program hopes to reveal the harsh prison life and rehabilitate the unruly teens. Typically the teens see preliminary inmate housing, view the conditions in which inmates live, and even speak with inmates who try to stop the teens from following in their footsteps. At the end of the program, we receive an update on the teen participants and find out whether they have changed or have continued committing crimes.

Though there is controversy on whether or not the program is effective for the troubled teens, it certainly opens viewers’ eyes on the reality of life within the prison. I can’t help but rejoice when a 13-year-old that tries acting “hard” ends up crying and apologizing to his/her parents. While I do ponder the home life of many of the kids (how do you let your 15-year-old do hard drugs and steal cars??), I hope the show provides the wake-up message that the parents were unable to.

I give it 5 stars!



The A&E documentary show “Heavy” is inspiring but certainly nothing new. The show follows two morbidly obese individuals as they spend 6 months at Hilton Head Spa losing weight.

The show is emotional, sad, and uplifting. I enjoy the personal stories, the transformations, and the perseverance that each episode evokes. That being said, the show is simply a different form of “The Biggest Loser” or “Shedding for the Wedding” or “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,” “Money Hungry,” “Losing It with Jillian,” or any other weight loss show.

Still, I like watching it.

I give it 5 stars!

Eli Stone (Season 1)


“Eli Stone” is a fantastic show and I’m sad that I waited until this time to watch it, two years after its cancellation.

Eli Stone is a lawyer looking to make the big bucks and work his way up the corporate ladder. He’s engaged to his bosses daughter, lives a good life, and, other than his deceased alcoholic father, seems to have no burdens. This all comes to a halt when George Michael appears in his living room. This visions helps Eli discover that he has a brain aneurysm but also helps him take on an interesting court case. So are Eli’s new visions a result of his illness or of divine intervention?

I adore this show and I breezed through the first season (13 episodes) in a matter of a couple days. The dialogue is witty, there are random dance numbers, and it is interesting to see the path that Eli’s life takes. The show seems to pose the question, “How can you make a difference?” while asking, “How would God speak to a prophet?”

Despite the serious topics, the show has a very light feel to it and I’m constantly cheering Eli on while debating which woman I would like him involved with.

I give this show 8 stars!

The Voice


I admit, from the very moment that I saw my very first “The Voice” commercial, I knew I would watch it. Secretly though, I wanted to hate on it. I wanted to compare it to “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” and every other reality talent show, and I wanted it to come up short.

It doesn’t.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s perfect or even that new of an idea. But it is at least a little different from everything else and for me, that’s enough.

In the first round, the singer’s perform one at a time (or in pairs if that is their act) while the judges must use only their voice and not appearance to pick. The judges cover a span of genres: Christina Aguilera (pop diva), Adam Levin (crooner of Maroon 5), Cee Lo Green (the funky, out there), and Blake Shelton (country). The idea of picker the singers solely based on voice is fantastic… but I would have liked to have had that opportunity too. Instead, the audience and viewers see the artist all along. I guess I could have looked away? If more than one judge picks a contestant, the contestant then gets to choose whose team they would like to be on.

Once the judges each picked 8 singers, we moved into round two. These 8 singers formed that judge’s team and the judge then chose two singers to battle against each other. These match-ups have been AMAZING and the song choices have been interesting as well. While I don’t always agree with the judge’s choices, I do know that Javier gives me goosebumps, Frenchie rocks out, I love watching Beverly, and that I think Blake made a mistake picking Patrick Harris over the nerdy ginger.

In the next round, the winners of the battles will form each judges team of 4, who will (presumably) continue to battle.

The show is very entertaining to watch, from amazing singers to Christina Aguilera’s hot mess outfits/lipstick. Though I watched a slew of finales tonight, it was somehow the nonfinale episode of “The Voice” that had me most entertained.

Also, I call it now, I think Javier should win.

Do you think “The Voice” will make it more than one season? Voice your opinion below!

I give it 7 stars!