FIRST, I’ll say this, if you watch “Chuck,” do yourself a favor and start with Season 1 Episode 1. Trust me. Not that the later episodes are a problem, but they will reveal secrets that will spoil the earlier episodes for you. That being said:

“Chuck” is a great show. Zachary Levi stars as Chuck, a computer geek that accidentally gets all the secrets of the CIA downloaded into his brain.  He’s aided by his sexy handler Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and tough guy John Casey (Adam Baldwin) as he tries to escape “The Ring,” an agency of bad guys that wants the secrets in his brain.

Mixing humor, sex appeal (in the form of super-hot Sarah), and the idea that even the average nerdy guy can be a hero, “Chuck” always provides a great hour of television.  I recommend this show to those with a sense of humor, taste for adventure, tendency of being clumsy, and especially anyone who has ever worked in electronics (but secretly wanted to be a spy!).

I give it 8/10 stars!

Yeah, I'm jealous.


2 thoughts on “Chuck

  1. Amanda K

    What I love most about Chuck is that the writers aren’t afraid to let the show evolve. Chuck can only stay the bumbling naive nerd for so long. After three seasons, he gains experience in handling CIA situations, and the writers demonstrate that, creating new paths for a show that otherwise would have become gimmicky. That said, one of the real strengths on Chuck is the relationships between the characters. The first time Chuck has to hurt his best friend, Morgan, to protect him, the audience really hurts with him. The dynamic between Chuck and Morgan, or Chuck’s sister, Sarah, far surpasses what could have been simple “hidden identity” tropes. There is love and loyalty involved, pride and disappointment, and Chuck’s growing lies simply complicate things. Additionally, even minor characters are made interesting and funny, which makes the whole show more entertaining.

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