Dorm Life


The Dorm Life Crew

Dorm Life is without a doubt the best recommendation Hulu has ever given me.  The show, which can be found on or it’s own web site, is a web series with episodes that only run about 3-5 minutes each, with the occasional 10 minute episode.  The show revolves around a dormitory floor of college students including: an aggressive RA, an overenthusiast with a silent roommate, a guy with a high school girlfriend, the dumb blond, a guy named Gopher, and the hilarious slacker that only owns one shirt.  The show stays true to life and I found that many of the characters reminded me exactly of my freshman year floormates!  Mike Sanders, the “normal” somewhat-main character, is reminiscent of Jim from “The Office” and I recommend all fans of that show, as well as of college in general, should check it out!

The show had me cracking up non-stop, with such moments as Mike and his extremely strange roommate having this exchange:

Josh Morgan: Michael, was I in your dream last night?
Mike Sanders: Nope.
Josh Morgan: OK. I’ll try again tonight.

I give the show: 10/10 stars.

On a scale of “watch it” to “don’t watch it,” this show is: WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW?!


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