Pretty Little Liars (1.1)


ABC Family’s brand-new show, “Pretty Little Liars” is turning out pretty interesting so far. It’s similar to “Gossip Girl” and I recommend it to those fans, however the scandal is a bit forced.  In the first episode alone there is: death, infidelity, teacher/student relations, girl/girl sexual tension, and theft.  It also has slight resemblance to “Sorority Row,” “Valentine,” and “Heathers” – a group of pretty girls, then one dies.  If you liked those movies, chances are you’ll like this show as well.

The show revolves around a group of girlfriends who one year later must still deal with the disappearance of one of the best friends.  However, a mysterious “A” sends messages to the girls, revealing she knowns their secrets (Gossip Girl AND I Still Know What You Did Last Summer??). Could “A” be their dead friend?

My opinion is that it’s incredibly cheesy and the drama is predictable… but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to tune in. Everyone has weird, “hip” names and one of the women from Charmed plays a mom (which makes me feel old, somehow) to the girl who played Effie in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”  I can’t help but wonder how they plan to resolve things, or even more-so, how they plan to drag it out (as they undoubtably will).  And even though the scandal is contrived, much like Gossip Girl, it’s a guilty pleasure!

I give the first episode 6 stars!


One thought on “Pretty Little Liars (1.1)

  1. canders

    this post made me really want to watch it… so i devoted 2 hours of my morning to it and i can’t wait for the new episode on tuesday. i’m addicted already! we must discuss.

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