100 Questions


This new NBC show is great with only one problem… the awful laugh-track.

The premise of the show is that Charlotte is at a dating service and needs to answer 100 questions about her life in order to obtain her perfect match.  Instead of short, quick answers, each of Charlotte’s answers is the half-hour episode, telling the story of her and her four best friends. The group includes British Charlotte, materialistic Asian Leslie, dumb blond Jill, hot slacker Wayne and wimpy Mike.  Because it is based on Charlotte’s answers, the show can really go anywhere and I find myself laughing during most scenes. Unfortunately, so does the laugh-track- an awkward, jarring laugh-track that actually makes me less likely to laugh. I’m not sure if maybe the producers thought no one would get the jokes so they turned the volume up? It’s awful in any case. I hope that it continues to have a second season where the laugh-track is eliminated or at least less distracting. I recommend this show for anyone that liked “Friends” or enjoys British accents.

So far, I give this show 7/10 stars!


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