Kitchen Nightmares


Another cooking show with Chef Gordon Ramsay, this show is exactly Tabatha’s Salon Takeover but with food.  I suppose if you like Hell’s Kitchen and other aggressive cooking shows, you might like this one. Basically over three seasons so far, Chef Ramsay goes to a restaurant that is a disaster, points out the errors, and fixes it up. Great, but if you’ve seen one episode, you’ve really seen them all. My rating: Meh. I’ll watch it if nothing else is on. I’m actually surprised they taped 3 whole seasons and as with Tabatha’s, lawsuits and rumors have been raised, claiming that kitchen/salon dirtiness/disasters are staged. On the other hand, I love watching Tabatha so maybe it’s my disdain for Gordon Ramsay and rotten food that keeps me shrugging.  Also, at the end of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, they always show a “Six Weeks Later..” follow-up, in Kitchen Nightmares, they do a follow-up episode with several restaurants. If anything, that’s more interesting than the original episodes.

I’m watching one of the revisited episodes right now.  They summarize what each restaurant used to be like and what it looks like now. Sooo… basically watch these episodes instead… saves you time!

I give the show 4 stars!


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