True Blood


Reasons to watch:

1) It’s not silly– I HATE telling people about this show because the second they hear the word “vampire,” they tune out. It’s not a teen drama and no one sparkles.  In its third season on HBO, True Blood is set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, in a world where synthetic blood has just been created so that Vampires can join the world of humans. The show makes the topic believable, treating the vampires as if they are a new race that others are scared of, and despite the many mythical turns of the shows, it always seems just real enough.

2) The creepy intro and theme song– I can’t explain it. Something about the intro is terrifying and fanastic.

3) Sex, sexiness, and nudity– Serious, this is NOT Twilight. There’s lots of glorious nudity. As for the characters? Beautiful!  Gorgeous Sookie, sexy Jason, handsome Bill, sensuous Eric, rugged Sam, beautiful Tara (with arms that Michelle Obama would be jealous of..)- the cast is GORGEOUS. And the sexual tension is always a thrill!

4) Surprising twists– it’s not predictable and these days, that’s something rare.

5) Lafayette– I think it’s hard to find a character with this much personality. Lafayette is fabulous, sassy, charming, loud, and hilarious. He’s both the comic relief as well as the harsh truth.

To anyone who hasn’t watched this show yet, I sincerely think you need to give it a chance. Sookie can be annoying but I don’t think she’s meant to be someone you love straight off the bat and I think this bothers some people. Start from season 1 and imagine a world where suddenly Vampires join society. What would the government say? The churches? Your parents? Fox News??

And what if.. you fell for one?

I give this show 10/10 stars!

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