Battle of the Bods



Honestly this show is stupid, shallow, God-awful and sexist. Needless to say, I love it completely.

The premise is that there is a panel of 3 men and 5 female contestants. The men watch the women from a separate room and rank them, first by best to worst face, then best to worst of the ladies choice (the women pick the category; so far legs, boobs, or butt), then the woman’s overall appearance. Simultaneously, the women do the same, hoping to match the male responses. In the last round, the men rank themselves and the woman once more hope to match the order.

The host seems to be Cat Deeley’s clone but awkwardly hilarious. At first it comes off as a strange exterior but if you really listen, she is usually making sly, cutting remarks at the girls.

I recommend this show to anyone who liked “Your Face or Mine” though I may be the only one who remembers it…

Basically it’s a beauty contest for (mostly) delusional women who all think they are the best looking. The girls get catty and love to say things like “Okay, I guess you’re cute but like.. for someone who’s ugly” just before they are ranked the least pretty. Each episode, the panel of men fits a different genre, for example: bad boys, jocks, frat boys, construction workers, etc.  This leads to brilliant statements such as “They’re bad boy and I like motorcycles, so they’ll probably like my legs.”

It’s hilarious, it’s crude, it’s shallow… and you can find three seasons of it on Hulu!!

I give this show 10*/10 stars!!
*Only I would rate this a ten. At best it is a two in the real world.


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