Kitchen Confidential


I admit I was very hesitant when first watching this show. Something about the word “kitchen” lead me to believe that the idea was overdone and truthfully I’ve never been a huge fan of Bradley Cooper.

I could not have been more wrong.

“Kitchen Confidential” is hilarious! The show is only 13 episodes (only 4 ever aired but they are all on Hulu) and they are based on a best-selling book by Anthony Bourdain.  Though the first episode is only so-so, the show just keeps getting better. The cast is filled with great characters and the actors that portray them. Brad Cooper plays the wild head-chef Jack and it’s the first time I’ve ever thought he was sexy! The definite highlight of the entire show is the unbelievably hilarious and awkward Jim played by John Francis Daley. I seem to be a HUGE fan of JFD these days but I really think he outdoes himself in this one.

Overall the show is funny, raunchy, and entirely too short!

I give this show 9 stars!

***As an added bonus, the show links to “How I Met Your Mother”- from about HIMYM- Whilst the gang are driving around in the Limo and MaryBeth (Ted’s date) stands up to get some air through the sunroof, they are parked out side ‘Nolita’, the restaurant that Kitchen Confidential was based in.
The restaurant appears at least 4 times in the background of “How I Met Your Mother” and is even the location of a scene of “Bones”


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