Paradise Hotel 2


Though I never saw the original, I recently watched “Paradise Hotel 2,” a show that aired 4 years after the first one. Similar to the style of “Temptation Island,” the show brings a group of sexy people to an island, gives them wayyyy too much booze and films EVERYTHING.

PH2 began with 11 guests on an island. The goal is to pick a roommate of the opposite gender and the odd person out must leave. Each time a guest leaves, a new one arrives- tempting the singles and sometimes splitting pairs. Throughout the 17 episode season, I found myself picking favorites, hating this evil chick named Myrna, and getting completely sucked in. While I admit the show drags everything out, I also couldn’t wait to see what happened- at some point I think it was less pleasure, more necessity!

The hook-ups are wild (though not always up to their potential), there are plenty of unexpected twists, and everyone is yummy eye candy.

I give this show 7 stars!


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