Canceled Shows


Nothing upsets me more than shows I love being canceled. Sometimes they are cut at the right time but sometimes it is mid-season or without a final episode and I am left to feel as if I’ve just been dumped.

Here are some of 2010’s cancellations and how I feel about them:

Scrubs- After 8 amazing seasons and 1 terrible one, it is no surprise that changing networks and losing main characters would be the “Scrubs” downfall.  Most just considered the end of season 8 as the end of the show anyway and the season 8 finale is perhaps my favorite episode of any show ever. Even though I loved the show, it was painful to watch this past season.

The Tyra Show- Apparently it was budget issues. I really won’t miss it much.

100 Questions– This one upsets me. The show really was a good comedy and only lasted 6 episodes. I will never get to find out if Charlotte and Wayne hook up! Honestly, yes the show used a lot of canned laughs, but I truly enjoyed both the premise and all of the characters. I’ll miss this show. I recommend anyone who hasn’t watched it yet should watch it on Hulu while they still can. For my previous review of the show click here.

Accidentally on Purpose- Another show I’ll be super sad to never see again. Staring Jenna Elfman and Jon Foster, the show was about a woman in her 30s having a one-night stand with a guy in his 20s and becoming pregnant. They must then deal with the consequences despite the vast difference in their age and mind-set. The show was both heart-warming and funny- I always cheered for the main characters and felt they were very genuine.  Better still, the show was based on a true story.

The Forgotten- Alright so the idea isn’t super original- a network of people try to find the identity of John and Jane Doe murder mysteries. And okay, Christian Slater is an awkward and overly intense actor. Regardless, the show always pulled me in. I would have liked to see this one out for longer than it’s one season.

New Adventures of Old Christine– Though I discovered this show very late, I loved it instantly. The show is cheesy and the main character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus was completely unrelateable but it’s always comedic and ridiculous.   After five seasons and 88 episodes, there won’t be a final episode to wrap up the series and that’s what bothers me most.


2 thoughts on “Canceled Shows

  1. Monica

    I became a fan of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” late in the game as well. Actually, it was after the game that I started watching the show; I started this weekend and was crushed to find that it was canceled last year. Thankfully, I get it in HD through my employee subscription to DISH Network so I’m going to record all the reruns on my DVR and have a “The New Adventures of Old Christine” marathon with my roommate.

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