Bank of Mom and Dad


“Bank of Mom and Dad,” a show from SOAPnet can now be found on Hulu where you can enjoy watching women in their 20s-early 30s who are in major debt, face their financial problems. There are 10 episodes in all and while the girls are often delusional, some are more likeable than others. summarizes the show: “Each week, one twenty-something woman who is drowning in debt must pay the ultimate price: having her parents move in. With the assistance of financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, Mom and Dad teach their daughter to rethink her spending habits and transform her relationship with money.”

While the show is a great idea, I can’t help but wonder why these girls never learned how to manage their money in the first place, or why anyone would spend hundreds of dollars on dog clothes each month. While it isn’t an exciting show by any means, it does provide great tips and I find that I am motivated to complete more tasks while the show is on in the background.

I give it 6 stars!


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