Having premiered on the Syfy Channel, “Cha$e” is both a game show and reality show in a sense.  Within the show, 10 contestants attempt to last 60 minutes inside a certain location and eventually find the exit to win a monetary prize.  The contestants receive challenges that can help them obtain helpful tools, all while trying to outrun the “hunters.”  These hunters look like the “men in black” and all have crazy low BMIs. They are instructed to ignore camera crews and can only chase contestants that they have directly seen. Once a contestant is found and tagged, they must exit.  As the contestants are narrowed down, the exit point is revealed. Only the first person to the exit receives any money.

Somehow “Cha$e” is both super exciting and yet terribly boring. To watch can be an adrenalin rush as a hunter spots the contestants you are currently watching, yet it is difficult to make emotional connections with anyone and therefore it really doesn’t matter who wins. It seems the show would be more fun to play than it is to watch, though in truth, I’d probably wet myself if I was being persued!

I give it 5 stars! (I could watch it again, but I wouldn’t strive to)


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