Dad Camp (finale)


As the show draws to a close, it is amazing to see how great of a change many of these guys have overcome. Yes, the guys were tools coming in- but I think the program would be great for any expecting father. They learned to change babies, perform CPR, shop for baby needs, etc… things that they wouldn’t have had the chance to practice at home and probably would have been otherwise unwilling to try.

More importantly, they learned to respect the women carrying the babies. I can’t help but admit that it brought a tear to my eye as I watched the final decisions that the women made- some couples staying together, some apart, and some getting married!

Elliot is obviously just trashy but I’ve grown to really like Aaron!

It may not be a classy show but “Dad Camp” should be a wake-up to women in bad relationships, couples that hope to have a child, and, of course, dead-beat dads.

For my previous assessment of “Dad Camp,” click here.


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