Losing It with Jillian (Finale)


I admit it- the moment I saw a preview for “Losing It,” I set up a season long recording on my DVR.  As a huge fan of “The Biggest Loser” as well as its trainer, Jillian Michaels, I knew I was bound to love it.

The show follows Jillian as she surprises families that need help. For one week Jillian lives with them, teaches them how to eat correctly, how to work out, and how to change their lives.  She finds that obesity stems from many problems: a traumatic event, fear of change, and most frequently a lack of knowledge.  As the families open up, I often end up crying and hoping that they manage to change their lives for the better. At the end of the show Jillian returns to see how the family has progressed in 6 weeks. The results are always amazing!

I recommend it for anyone that enjoys “The Biggest Loser,” motivational materials, and makeover shows! If you missed it on tv, try nbc.com and hulu to catch up on the 8 episodes of season 1!

I give it 8 stars!


3 thoughts on “Losing It with Jillian (Finale)

  1. Kirby

    I think it was a good show, but too formulaic. We’re used to seeing the hard work and progress over many weeks on Biggest Loser, so the limitations of a one-hour format means we jump from the tear-jerker moments when Jillian confronts the inner demons of the contestants straight to the “reveal”. Love the concept and love Jillian, so it’s definitely worth watching, but it’s hard to do well and feel satisfied after only an hour. 6 stars.

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