A Fox drama, “Standoff” premiered in 2006 and ran for 18 episodes. The show revolves around 2 FBI hostage negotiators that attempt to resolve hostage situations with a subplot revolving around the romantic relationship between the two.  While I enjoy some of the high pressure situations and romantic elements, the show failed to thrill me. In between episodes I found myself forgetting about the show completely.

I did appreciate Gina Torres as Cheryl Carrera- the head of the FBI unit in the show. Torres also appears as the head of Camp Victory on “Huge” and I can’t help but think she is SUPER awkward in the role. The domineering FBI agent suits her much better!

The best episode by far is 1. 12, “No Strings” followed by 1.1 “Pilot” which sets up the whole show. I recommend these two episodes but I admit I’m mostly indifferent about the rest.  After the pilot, the viewers dropped by half and the show never had a second season. I can’t say I’m too surprised.

I give it 6 stars!


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