The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD)


If you watch Hulu or have seen commercial’s for the new movie “Step Up 3-D,” you’ve probably heard of “LXD.” Created by “Step Up 3-D” director John Chu, the web-isodes combine AMAZING dancers with the notion of superheroes. Each sort storyline comes together to form a bigger connecting network: the LXD.

As a terrible dancer, I marvel at each episode as the figures move in outrageous fluid motions- combining tumbling, hip-hop, and even classical styles to construct a new style completely. When the dancers portray robots, it takes effort for me to remember that they are just dancing and not really robots- they are just that convincing.

And if you love Glee, you’re in luck! One of the LXDs is Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mike Chang on the show.

If you have a bit of time (the episode are very short) and love dancing (or watching dancing) I highly recommend “LXD.” There are new episodes on Hulu every Wednesday!

I give it 7 stars (though the dancing gets a 10)!


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