The Dresden Files


Based on a series of books, “The Dresden Files” first caught my attention because it’s about a wizard and it’s based in Chicago. Running for 12 episodes, the show features Harry Dresden helping the Chicago police solve cases that they don’t realize are based in magic. The police do not believe he is really a wizard but turn to him for help anyway. It’s slightly like an un-funny “Psych.”

While the cases are interesting, they are also wildly corny. I feel that the first few episodes seemed somehow.. plausible, despite the inability of such magic to exist (I hope!), but then the show brought in dragons, strange creatures, terrifying concepts and it became too much to believe. I feel I lost sight of the sub-plot of Harry’s life and just got bored.

In one episode, a criminal teenager is described as “…Woodfield. As in the mall heir” and yet when we see his name written, it is Whittfield. Strange?

Mostly I watched the show when I wanted to look for the Chicago skyline and familiar landmarks, and although I actually didn’t think it was terrible, I also didn’t feel much emotion when I finished the final episode. It was done, and I felt done with it.

I give it 5 stars!


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