Mad Mad House


How would you feel about living with a vampire, voodoo priestess, witch, primitive man and a naturalist? No, it’s not a college dorm, it’s “Mad Mad House,” a reality show from 2004 where ten contestants and the 5 previously mentioned personalities, or “alts” live together. The ten contestants must compete in challenges while learning about these new, alternative lifestyles as each one is voted off. The last person standing wins $100,000.

The show, though nothing outstandingly original or classy, is actually my ideal. Having a B.A. in religious studies, I can’t help but wish that I could sit down with each Alt and learn more about their lifestyles. On the other hand, it also made me suspect of certain rituals that were clearly done for the camera and not for the sake of worship.

Regardless, the cast is fantastic. Contestant Bonnie (from Arlington Heights!) is so personable and kind, while Kelly is just crazy and child-like. As for the Alts, Avocado and Art were by far my favorites and though Don (the vampire) scared me at first, I grew to enjoy him as well.

The show is like “The Real World” with a religious twist, and questions what about alternative lifestyles makes others uncomfortable.

I recommend it to anyone who has the patience to watch all ten episodes and enjoys such shows.

I give it 8 stars!


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