Money Hungry


New to VH1 “Money Hungry,” has the appeal of “The Biggest Loser” with all the usual tackiness of a VH1. Simply put, I’m in love.

The contestants on “Money Hungry” are all overweight and trying to complete tasks and challenges while working out and losing the most weight possible. The twist? There is a $10,000 enrollment fee per team. That means, if you are the first team eliminated, you will lose all that money for nearly nothing.

So how did VH1 convince these people to pay THEM to be on tv? Who knows! But the stories are great. On one team, one woman raised $9,950, leaving her partner to raise only $50. “$50?? Where am I gonna get that? It took 11 people to help me get that much!” said her partner. For another group, one teammates grandmother sponsored the $10,000.. not knowing she was paying for the entire team. “Oops! Sorry grandma!” they said.

And the personalities on the show are unbeatable: a gigantic flamboyant black man, a pair of comedians, two obnoxious band members, etc.

I give it 7 stars!


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