Seducing Cindy


Just when I though dating shows couldn’t get any worse/better, I found “Seducing Cindy,” a show with 24 strange contestants competing for the love of Cindy Margolis. I admit I vaguely remember ten years back that Cindy had a show on UPN, was called the most “downloaded woman on the internet,” and looked good. Now Cindy is 45 and newly single, looking for love on tv. The 8 episode marked the final Fox Reality Channel original series before the network was discontinued.

I’m not kidding, this cast is RIDICULOUS. It includes a sexy 24 year-old model, both a pro-wrestler and a college wrestler, an actor, a rocker with a stripper addiction, a Tupac impersonator, Marc from “Millionaire Matchmaker” (though I normally find him sexy at 51, he’s an ass on this show), a guy who recently made an appearance on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and a 20 year-old nerd. The majority of the guys are too young or just so very, very strange.

As if things couldn’t get weirder, Cindy puts the men up to REALLY odd challenges. One of these was giving the men small cups and asking them to fill the cup with their… specimen. Awards were given to the man who finished first and who had the most potent sample. (No worries, this was tested by a lab tech.. not by Cindy)

I admit, I started to really enjoy a lot of the guys- some were adorable and some I just loved to hate. I even found that I like Cindy, though she has clearly had work done and needs to do things other then dating young boys.

I give it 9 stars (for entertainment.. maybe a 3 for substance)!

Oddly enough.. there are even some heart warming moments as Cindy searches for love..


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