This fantastic and thrilling show follows reporter Dan Vasser as he inexplicably begins jumping backward in time. Each jump comes with a task- to change the destiny of a specific person that Dan must somehow figure out. If the destiny is not changed, he must travel again. Sadly this takes a toll on Dan’s family when he keeps suddenly disappearing and acting crazy. He must try to convince his wife not to leave him, his cop brother not to throw him in prison, and the rest of the world that he’s a good guy.

With plenty of twists, “Journeyman” seriously had me thinking about the effects of time travel and the course that our lives take. With each new episode I worried for Dan, groaned when things didn’t work out, and delighted in his accomplishments. I marveled when Dan discovered he was not the only one who time jumped. And though there are clearly problems with the concept of time travel, the show seems to address them with certain devices: for instance, if Dan changes the wrong event, “fate” seems to conspire against him, in turn everyone has new memories but Dan maintains the memories of the original event.

The only flaw? No real explanation as to why he was chosen. Perhaps it is because the show is only 13 episodes (all found on Hulu) and maybe it would have been explained with more time.

Though I would have loved for many, many more episodes, the show comes full circle in the end.

I give it 10 stars!


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