Last Comic Standing (finale)


Yuck. Normally I rant and rave about LCS. I’ve watched every season and though it is very much a changing process, I love the show’s growth, jokes, and crazy bits. That being said, this season was disappointing. Now don’t get me wrong, there are certainly comics of talent.. but with the shows new structure (no house. no challenges. 5 episodes of try-outs, 5 episodes of voting) there was very little room for developing favorites but plenty of room for time-fillers. Also, I’m mad to know that one of the top 10 (Laurie Kilmartin) was a WRITER for the show!! (granted, not for this season but umm… what? If you work at McDonalds, you can’t win their Monopoly game. Case closed).

Tonight’s finale spent wayyyyy too much time praising Craig Robinson (funny, but not really on this show), musical acts (Gloria Gaynor and Craig Robinson), guest comedians (Kathy Griffin.. not on her “A” game, Iliza Shlesinger.. surprisingly decent) and judges performances (Natasha- not funny, Andy- not funny, Greg- old material). As for the top 5- I LOVE Myq and Tommy Johnagin, I’d like to be friends with Filipe Esparza and Roy Wood Jr., and am tired of Michael Destefano.

That being said (SPOILERS) the order I would have liked was Tommy (to win) then Myq, Roy, Filipe, Michael. That’s why it came to me as a surprise that Filipe won. It isn’t that he’s not funny (he is) but he’s someone that I think would be funny in my life. If he comes to Chicago, I won’t pay to see him but I’d love to see Myq and Tommy.

Well, you can’t win them all but unless NBC changes the format again, I won’t be watching next season.

I give the finale 3 stars! For a previous review of the show, click here.


2 thoughts on “Last Comic Standing (finale)

  1. Kirby

    I thought the finale was awful. They finally got the earlier episodes right and removed all the reality show cliches like contests, living in the “house”, etc. and just did stand-up. Right on. But, we went from final 5 straight to the finale (huh?) and then were subjected to 2 hours of the most awful, hack programming ever. I watched every episode leading up to the finale and then was so bored by last night’s show, I shut the TV off before the conclusion. I no longer cared who won. Great job, NBC. Was this show produced by an intern? Oh … I almost forgot. Craig Robinson was arguably the worst host in television history. He added nothing and has little talent. Same goes for the “judges” who found every comedian to be “hilarious”. We started a game where we would do an over/under for how many minutes into the show before one of the judges used the word “hilarious”. I think it’s the only adjective that Greg Giraldo knows. Unfortunately, the finale was not hilarious.

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