Dating in the Dark


Though a dating show, “Dating in the Dark” has a whole new concept. Each episode is free-standing and takes place almost completely in the dark.  Three men and three women enter the house in separate wings. They can only meet each other in a pitch-black room where they get to know the opposite sex based on personality. From there they can send messages via computer to the member they would most like a one-on-one date with.

Various other activities accompany the dates including attempting to sketch the other person, seeing their luggage, or (in the case of last night’s season 2 premiere episode) watching a video of their best friend. During the show it is also revealed who the best matches are and how compatible they are.  The final task is to invite the member you are most interested in to the dark room for the last time. On this final date each person of the couple is revealed, one at a time, for about 10 seconds in complete silence. In the end each dater must decide whether to go outside to meet the person revealed to them or to go home alone. The final moments of the show are always highly dramatic as final decisions are made- will seeing the other person make it or break it?

I LOVE this show (of course) because the viewer knows so much more than the contestants do. For instance, on last nights episode, after a date the girl came back saying she was in love, the guy came back saying he thinks the girl felt fat. WTF? But the entire time you get to see all the contestants as well as the things the say to each other. Can you find true love in the dark or do appearances matter?

Also the host, Rossi is a former “Temptation Island” star and host of several other shows!

Check out season 1 online and start watching season 2 on Monday nights on ABC.

I give it 8 stars!


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