Hell’s Kitchen (finale)


Alright, I know that I said I don’t like Chef Gordon Ramsey in my previous post about “Kitchen Nightmares” but somehow I got sucked into this season of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

16 contestants compete to become head chef at the Savoy Hotel in London.  As usual there was a lot of drama, some great chefs and some terrible ones, and a whole lot of cussing from Ramsay. I won’t comment much on the show in general (if you’ve seen 1 episode, you’ve seen all 7 seasons!) but I will say what a wonderful top 2 contestants were left.(SPOILERS) Both Jay Santos and Holli Ugalde are great chefs as well as wonderful people and I truly think it came down to the right 2 people. Ben may be a good chef but he’s also arrogant and screwed himself over with the “back injury.” I was rooting for Jay and Holli (and for a hook-up!!) and I would have been happy for either one to win. In the end, Holli won and I think she’ll do well.

I give it 6 stars! It was a good finale and entertaining but it doesn’t inspire me to watch more seasons or Ramsay shows.


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