Solitary (1.0)


Another show from the no-longer-intact Fox Reality Channel, “Solitary” is a reality show that puts 9 contestant in solitary confinement. They must compete in a series of tasks- if they fail or quit, they will only leave the game if they are the first contestant to do so. The catch? The contestants have no idea if anyone else has failed before them.

The guests have no contact from the outside world or each other and only possess limited information about the other contestants. All aspects of their environment are controlled by “Val,” the system that has them in confinement. The entire season is a competition between the same contestants with each further episode, one is eliminated. The contestants are allowed very little sleep, dwell in a cold environment and tend to get a little crazy while sitting around alone.

While I admit I had to watch the whole season to see who wins, watching the tasks makes me rather I was doing them than having to endure watching them. That isn’t to say that I would last very long: everything about the challenges would make me cranky and if I even made it that far, I would never survive the challenge with taking hot pepper based test tube shots! The show is interesting and frustrating (sometime a contestant quits right away but because they have no idea, the other contestants compete for hours) but one season did not inspire me to watch any more. Apparently there is a huge following though. The 4 seasons that exist will be repeated on Chiller and this may inspire a 5th season.

I give it a 4!


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