Do you love science fiction that confuses you? Do you miss yelling “WHAT?” while watching “Lost”?  Then “Ark” is the show for you. Consisting of 9 short webisodes, “Ark”  (created by 60Frames) features Connie (played by the actress who played Gabrielle in Xena) lost in.. well who knows. To describe the show reveals too much, but if you like science fiction, tension and bewilderment, I highly recommend it. I only hope that the show gets a second season so I find out what is happening!

Check out all the episodes at

I give it 8 stars for pure bewilderment!


6 thoughts on “Ark

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  2. i just watched all the webisodes yesterday, i agree. i wish there was more to it…sucks they are so short….it’s quite the teaser. better off as a movie for sure.

  3. WhyIDontWatchTV

    Perhaps I am naive, but I felt that the plot was too thin to continue over such an lengthy number of episodes. I would like to have really gotten to feel more from our characters with interaction and drama versus the action which was obviously forced into the story. Perhaps if this were to be built into ten hour long episodes, we could get further into the actual arch of the series. The art department did their job splendidly however, and I give kudos to the actors for making the best of what they were handed. Nice attempt, but more psychological and dramatic ploys could have helped it out

    • While I agree that there was hardly any plot, I think it is one of the reasons that the web series is so intriguing. The viewer is constantly forced to ask Why? and What next? and while I’d love to have more information and resolution, I also was curious enough to keep watching.

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