New Amsterdam


Containing only 8 episodes, “New Amsterdam” is the intriguing tale of a man who is granted immortality after saving the life of a Native American girl. The catch? He is immortal until he finds “the one.”

Using the name John Amsterdam (or John York), a 400-year-old who looks 35 out-lives his family, friends, and has 63 children, all while searching for his one true love. While this sounds strange, it actually brings about certain comedic aspect such as John having been sober more than 15,000 days (though he looks 35), looking much older than his children, and having been at many pivotal historic moments. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the show is reading the wikipedia page that provides a timeline of John’s events.

As for the show, while I found it interesting, I couldn’t help but wonder WHY the repayment for saving a girl is immortality with a catch and why John must wait 400 years to meet the right woman. While I watched all 8 episodes with interest, the finale left a lot to be desired.

I give it 5 stars!


2 thoughts on “New Amsterdam

  1. Amanda K

    Here’s the thing about New Amsterdam: As a History major I was so intrigued by the concept, and I know I was entertained, because I watched every episode, but now, looking back, I don’t remember a single aspect about the show. I didn’t even remember why he was immortal. In my memory, it seems that NA was simply disposable.

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