Doogie Howser, M.D.


If you are a fan of Neil Patrick Harris or 80s television, I highly recommend watching “Doogie Howser, M.D.” In the show, NPH plays a boy genius who graduated Princeton at age 10, finished medical school at 14 and at 16 is a famous doctor. Though he is brilliant, Doogie must still face many of the struggles of being a teenager.

Hulu currently has 97 episodes from the 4 seasons available. I watched them all.

The show is really great, both in terms of storyline as well as providing the ability to watch a very young Neil Patrick Harris grow up. With each episode I was delighted to see glimpses of who NPH would one day grow up to become. The best friend in the show, Vinnie Delpino is also a great character; both annoying and insightful. As the audience watches the boys mature, they must deal with girls (then women), jobs, life and death.

However, though the first couple seasons are fantastic, the wonder of a young doctor seems to run dry in season 4. The concept is no longer engaging and the plot seems to fall a bit flat. The finale is alright but feels very sudden with no prior set-up.

I give it 8 stars!

As a bonus, Season 1, Episode 1 has The Janitor (from Scrubs, Neil Flynn) as a cop with THIS MUSTACHE:


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