Dead Like Me


A perfect mix of snark and comedy, “Dead Like Me” is a show about grim reapers. 18-year old Georgia (“George”) isn’t very happy with the world or her life; little does she know, things are about to get worse. George is killed in a freak accident when a toilet seat from a spacecraft comes crashing to earth on her first day of work. But George isn’t moving beyond this world– she finds out that she will join the ranks of the undead as a grim reaper. George’s division of reaping is “external influences” (murder, accidents) and she is joined by Rube, Roxie, Mason, Betty (then Daisy) who follow assignments on yellow sticky notes. Each must touch the future victim to remove his/her soul before the death occurs, based on the victim’s first initial, last name, location and E.T.D (estimated time of death).

Though it is often hard to connect with George’s character, the show is well done. Written for a mature audience, the show includes swearing and adult topics but presented from the view of a salty 18-year old. The characters are lovable and witty, and every episode is a delight.

Catch the entire series (seasons 1 and 2) on

I give it 8 stars!


3 thoughts on “Dead Like Me

  1. Amanda K

    I watched season 1 on television, but then whatever channel it was on (showtime, I think) moved itself outside of basic cable. I remember that I was madly in love with Mason, and the show was one of the darkest comedies on tv at the time. From what I’ve read about season 2, it got really crazy, but this post is kind of encouraging me to go back and watch it from beginning to end. One of the oddest aspects of the show, that I recall, was that in their “afterlife” they now looked different to the living world, and occasionally we would catch glimpses of George’s new look.

    • Mason is such an adorable alcoholic! haha I absolutely recommend re-watching the show, including season 2. There are certainly plot holes with the “looking different” in the undead world but it is a great concept. Go back and then tell me what you think about the second season!

  2. Judy

    I’ve watched all the seasons on netflix on summer bc it was just that entertaining. Granted after season 1 it went down hill, but it was interesting to start off with…

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