Work of Art


“Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” (from executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker) is a Bravo show through and through. Much like “Shear Genius” and “Project Runway,” “Work of Art” is a competition between craftsman of a certain field being judged by successes in that field; in this case art. What capture my attention was the puzzlement- how does one compare art to.. art? Can one really say is a certain photograph is better than a certain statue/painting/showcase?

I first discovered the show when episode 1 was posted on Hulu. I was then upset to find that only 2 episodes were ever posted. I began searching for episodes, using my boyfriends “on demand” whenever he would allow it and otherwise watching

My search was rewarded.

Each episode of “Work of Art,” though formulaic, set interesting challenges using all media to extract moving art pieces from a very talented group. Challenges included creating a portrait of a fellow artist, creating a shocking piece, and creating art using only supplies from the Children’s Museum of the Arts.  While watching the finale, I admit I cried though I felt that the winner (and 2 of the top 3) were obvious from the start. The art work in the show, the creative process, and reality television elements (Jaclyn was often topless and gorgeous, Nao was a biatchhh) combined to make for another great Bravo show. Not to mention Simon de Pury, the Tim Gunn of the art world!

Though I would probably hate the show if I was an artist (the whole ‘why not meeee?’ element and the ‘who are these people? how are you judging this??’), I am not one and therefore I loved it.

I give it 7 stars!


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