Huge (finale)


Season 1 of “Huge” has just concluded and I am left wanting more. The final two episodes (part 1 & 2) were not the best of the season however the complex drama continued– (SPOILERS) WHAT was Allister doing in the bathroom? How annoying was Amber’s mom? How annoying was Trent’s dad? Why would Amber kiss Ian without more than just the notion that she was silly to like George? I mean yeah, I understand her insecurities but isn’t it obvious to her that George likes her? All I want is George and Amber together!! And why hasn’t Ian figured out that Will likes him? (End Spoilers)

While many situations were left unresolved, the show has set itself up perfectly for a second season. My hope is that the show continues its success and that future episodes mirror the earlier part of the first season and not the finale which fell a bit flat in my mind. Really though, I love the show!

Read my previous review here.


4 thoughts on “Huge (finale)

  1. Judy

    I’ve never heard of this show. I think it’s terrible that it’s out there. Your post didn’t really say what it’s about but I think this just fuels eating disorders in some young women.

    • I wrote more about it in my initial review but the main character loves her full figure and fights the whole weight loss thing. The thing is, these kids really are heavily overweight and obese and really do need to lose weight. It’s dumb when girls think they are fat when they aren’t but it’s not healthy to be legitimately overweight. It really is a great show and it deals with being body conscious without really pushing the weight loss. If anything I think it’s healthy that it provides something for bigger kids to relate to, considering something how many Americans are obese.

    • draggon


      I do not think its fair to comment on a show that you have never seen. Please check it out, I think you will be impressed with the characters – I know I was.

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