Less Than Perfect (Season 1)


Having aired on ABC in 2002, “Less Than Perfect” is a comedy about Claude Casey and her co-workers at a television network. Sara Rue plays a perfect awkward lead role and the cast is a perfect variety. Sherri Shepard is loud and sassy, Andy Dick is less annoying than usual, Andrea Parker is perfectly cold, Eric Roberts as an arrogant boss and Zachary Levi (of Chuck fame) plays a hilariously conceited jerk. Randomly, Will Sasso guest stars as Claude’s neighbor.

Many parts of the show just don’t make sense- why gorgeous, thin Lydia can never find a man; why everyone is so in love with Will Butler (who looks terrible in this show and yet delicious in “The Expendables” eight years later); certain episodes are out of order, for instance Claude meets Charlie the episode after she goes on a date with him; and how Owen and Ramona spend most of their time on the 22nd floor though they work on floor 4.

Still, the show is hilarious and fun to watch. Sara Rue really is perfect for the role.  As far as season 1 goes, it’s nothing to go crazy over long-term, but each individual episode is a delight. The season ends on a cliff hanger and I’m curious to see where things go if I find the rest of the seasons!

I give it 7 stars!

Look, young Chuck Bartowski!


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