Fall Premieres


You should be SOOO excited for September television! Here’s a line-up of the many shows starting their latest seasons this month:

September 16:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6 of the strangest show out there! Watch the gang screw up everything possible and laugh till your sides hurt!

September 20:

How I Met Your Mother: Will we ever find out who Ted’s wife is? Will Barney get MORE awesome? Every moment of this amazing show is worth the wait!

House: Everyone loves the snarky Dr. House and his sexual tension with Cuddy. What will happen this season? My guess is that it’s not Lupus!

Chuck: Never a dull moment with Agent Chuck Bartowski and his gorgeous handler and sometimes girlfriend Sarah. Watch it for the laughs and imagine that maybe you too could be an agent.

September 21:

Glee: Are you a Gleek? The upcoming season is said to be even more intense (and previews indicate lots of love drama!) with even more amazing songs!

Biggest Loser: Another season to cheer on intense weight-loss, falling in love with contestants, and watching Bob and Jillian kick butt!

September 22:

Hell’s Kitchen: Cooking and swearing? okay!

September 23: (Best day ever? My DVR might explode)

Bones: Bones and Booth will reunite after a year apart.. but Booth is dating some blond? Watch the two solve crimes with plenty of sexual tension and hilarious lines from the rest of the group!

Fringe: The premiere that I’m most anticipating, “Fringe” will be back to rock our worlds. Is Olivia alright? How will she get back? And when will she and Peter become a couple?? Can’t wait!

My Generation: A brand new show that documents high school graduates in 2000 and then again in 2010 to show how big of a difference 10 years makes. Hopefully this is done well: like a drama version of “High School Reunion.”

30 Rock: Will Liz find love? Let’s watch the awkwardness begin!

Community: One of the funniest shows out there, check out sexy Joel McHale as Jeff Winger- will he choose Britta or Michelle? (Britta I hope!), will all of the “students” continue at community college?, and will Abed and Troy continue to be the best pair on television?

The Office: Watch Steve Carell’s last season on “The Office” and decide whether or not you will watch once he leaves!

The Big Bang Theory: Can Leonard and Penny ever really be together? Will Raj, Howard, or even… Sheldon get a girlfriend? Let the brilliant wit continue!

Sh*t My Dad Says: Based on the hilarious blog and starring William Shatner, I am still undecided if this show will be hilarious or fail miserably. Let’s watch and see!

September 26:

Bored to Death: If you have HBO, you should be watching this hilarious but dark show starring Zach Galifinakis and Jason Schwartzman!

The Cleaveland Show: A bit lame spin-off of “Family Guy” but it has the same heart. I find it a nice treat before bed.

Family Guy: Will the show continue to be as hilarious as ever?

Simpsons: The beloved Simpsons family is still on the air! Let’s watch them never age!

September 27:

The Buried Life: Season 2 of this amazing Mtv show follows a group of 4 friends completing tasks on their bucket list, having fun, and helping others. Hilarious and a feel good hit!

What are you most excited about? Did I miss any of your favorites?


3 thoughts on “Fall Premieres

  1. Amanda K

    We watch too many of the same shows…. just sayin’. What are your thoughts on The Event? Do you think you’re gonna give it a shot? I’m not sure, but the ads all summer have been intriguing. Other than that, I’m hoping Bones and House will win me back over this year (I’m getting annoyed with the writers on the first, and the repetitiveness of the latter), and I’m super excited to have Chuck back. It never fails me.

    • They’re great shows! haha As for The Event- I feel like there is almost TOO much hype- like a ‘the lady doth protest too much’ sort of moment. If I watch it, it’ll probably be after the initial premiere. I agree with the repetitiveness of House but I want to see the hook-ups! All-in-all it should be a great fall line-up!

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