Season 2 will begin on September 23 and I highly recommend catching up before the premiere. With great writing, an amazing cast, and episodes that are just as spectacular at each viewing, “Community” is worth watching.

Starring Joel McHale (from “The Soup”) as Jeff Winger, a suspended lawyer forced to attend community college, the show revolves around a studying group from Jeff’s Spanish class.  Here are a few of the MANY reasons to watch:

1) Troy and Abed- This duo is the best thing since Turk and J.D. As the two grow closer over the season, the jokes get funnier and their sketches become stranger. Abed is already such an odd but lovable character and Troy seems to complement his quirkiness exactly. For a taste, check out their Spanish rap here.

2) Check out how old Chevy Chase looks. Seriously.

3) Ken Jeong, the best Asian-playing-a-Spanish-teacher-that-doesn’t-speak-Spanish ever. Remember him as the naked guy who pops out of the trunk in “The Hangover” or the LARP king in “Role Models” ? Yeah, he’s in this show.

4) The cliffhanger- At the end of Season 1, we find Jeff stuck trying to choose between several love interests. Honestly, even I am torn.

5) Unpredictable- You never quite know where the story line will go and where the jokes will take you but the ride is a blast.

6) Seemingly the only show with a school in it that shows students in class.

7) Betty White will guest star in Season 2!

I highly recommend the show to those who loved “Scrubs,” those who enjoy “30 Rock,” and anyone who likes to laugh.

I give it 10 stars!


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