Why I’m mad “Cupid” was cancelled:

Based on a remake of the 1998 show of the same title (starring Jeremy Piven), this 2009 show starred Bobby Cannavale (I know him as Vince, Will’s boyfriend on “Will & Grace” but he’s in a billion things) as Trevor Pierce, a man that may or may not be Cupid. Trevor claims that he must bring together 100 couples on Earth before he can return to Mt. Olympus.

The 7 episodes aired were all delightful- Cannavale is perfect as Cupid, he had great chemistry with his sexy psychiatrist, and the whole show revolved around love: is it built over time on friendship or spurred by heat and passion?

When the show was canceled, it left many questions: do Trevor and Claire ever get together? Does he pair 100 couples? I wish the show had lasted longer!

I give it a (sadly dead) 7 stars!

For more canceled shows, check out my assessment here.


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