America’s Got Talent (Final 4)


Yes, I’m emotionally invested in this show.

“America’s Got Talent” is “American Idol” but a talent competition. The judges are Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan. Though I seem to only ever watch the show sporadically, it seems that this season is better than ever. Last week the contestants were narrowed down to an amazing group of 10 acts and America voted. Tonight, the top 4 acts were revealed.

Jackie Evancho- A ten-year old who sings like the a seasoned adult opera singer, has obviously been an audience favorite since her appearance. Many question how such a small, young girl can possess such a big, mature voice. While Jackie is certainly talented, I must admit that I would not pay for a ticket to see her in Vegas. And although I believe she stands a great chance to win the competition, I also believe she has plenty of time ahead of her.

Prince Poppycock- The strangest act yet, Prince Poppycock is a flamboyant, operatic-ish, Victorian dressed character as played by John Quale. Poppycock is a spectacular singer and performer: a true Vegas act.

Michael Grimm– A 30-year old from Mississippi who was raised by his grandparents, Michael has been my favorite from the beginning. He has a rich voice full of soul and has maintained a constant performance each show. His coy smile and sexy voice had me frantically voting last night.

Fighting Gravity– A group of fraternity brothers who perform a visual masterpiece. Using elements of black light, lasers, and the optical illusion of floating against a black background, the men have created an act unlike any on the AGT stage.

I’m SUPER happy with the final 4 (it is exactly how I predicted) and I can’t wait to see who wins!


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