Charles in Charge (Season 1)


Despite knowing all the lyrics to the theme song (thanks Relient K!), I’m a bit too young to clearly remember any episodes of “Charles in Charge.” I am, however, a fan of Scott Baio from reruns of “Happy Days” and of course, “Scott Baio is 45… and Single” on Vh1. With this in mind, I decided to watch season 1 of “Charles in Charge” on Hulu.

In the show Baio plays a 19-year old students who nannys for (and lives with) the Pembroke family: a young couple and three kids. The show centers on Baio balancing his school work, love life, and watching the children. Willie Aames plays Buddy, Charles’s best friend. Season 1 ran from 1984-85.

I truly enjoyed the show for its brief comedic episodes as well as its stereotypical 80’s sitcom feel. Scott Baio is youthful and attractive, and the show promotes a positive message to all: family is the most important thing.

Another highlight of the show is the myriad of young celebrities: Nicole Eggert (as well as many other future cast members of Baywatch), Meg Ryan, Matthew Perry (so cute!), Christina Applegate, and Kathy Ireland.

The season 1 finale is perfect- on the verge of summer break, Charles seeks employment at a camp while the family deals with saying good-bye temporarily. Though the episode (and entire season) is a bit cheesy, the shows message is light-hearted and every episode is extremely enjoyable!

I give it 8 stars!


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