Reaper (Season 1)


What would you do if on your 21st birthday you found out that before you were born, your parents had made a deal with the devil and your soul was his? Welcome to Sam’s life as he is shocked to find that in addition to working at “The Work Bench” (a Home Depot- type store) he must also act as a reaper of escaped demons for the devil. Luckily, his best friends Sock and Ben help him capture these demons, the devil provides some guidance (though usually with a catch), and he is on his way to winning Andi’s heart.

I originally watched parts of Season 1 when it first premiered in 2007, but somehow had too much homework to watch it in full. Having seen the whole thing, I’m slightly on the fence. On the one hand the show is humorous, based on characters my age, and the cast is great: Bret Harrison (Sam) is perfect in his role, Missy Peregrym (Andi) has been a favorite of mine from her work in “Stick It” and the lesser known “Life as We Know It,” Ray Wise (devil) is the PERFECT person for the job, Tyler Labine (Sock) is lovable and yet disgusting, Ken Marino & Michael Ian Black play gay demons, and it is great to see Christine Willes (Gladys/DMV lady) in another show about reapers (Willes played Dolores Herbig in “Dead Like me”). On the other hand, I think the show somehow never found an exact target audience (though the humor and actors are mature, it has a very high school feel), the overall arc isn’t super catchy, and though the first season ended with a twist I’m not frantically craving the next season.

That being said, though the show doesn’t make a monumental impact on me, it was certainly enjoyable. I can’t help but appreciate the dirty jokes and the fact that the characters like to hang out at a bar when they’re not hunting demons!

I give it 6 stars!


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