The Gates (Season 1, Finale)


A combination of a WB/CW drama with the supernatural aspects of “True Blood“, “The Gates” may not be super original but it is captivating!

Police Chief Nick Monohan moves from his haunting past in Chicago to the quiet and ritzy gated community called The Gates. Though The Gates may appear perfect, Monohan and his family soon discover that the community is filled with secrets: harboring vampires, witches, werewolves and so on. How will Monohan control a town that bullets cannot kill?

There is something intriguing about the craziness of each episodes: the secrets, the murders, and the perfect town gone wrong. But the didn’t stop me from groaning when I realized the main rivalry was, of course, vampires and werewolves. Despite this, the show is able to redeem itself in several ways. Not all stereotypes are upheld in The Gates (vampires can be in sunlight with use of special lotion), the plot is exciting, and there are both adult and teenage storylines going on. The best part of the show is being able to imagine yourself in the Monohan family and trying to decide what to do in such a complicated place.

The finale (aired 9/19/10) was a two episode finale and didn’t disappoint. There was murder, dark magic, and of course, a cliffhanger! Both episodes kept me on my toes and I can only hope there will be a second season!

Another bonus? If you enjoyed “The Dresden Files” but miss seeing Paul Blackthorne, he plays a sinister vampire in this show! (Not to mention that everyone on the show is unbelievably good-looking!)

I give it 6 stars!


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