$#*! My Dad Says



While the website shitmydadsays.com is hilarious (a 29-year old lives with his cranky 74-year old dad and has chosen to put the funny things his father says onto a website), the show on ABC titled “$#*! My Dad Says” is, well… shit.

I love William Shatner and cranky old men in general but a sitcom based on quotes of a father degrading his son and making generally insensitive remarks is just too much. Quotes that in solitary would be golden, come out tasteless. The first episode felt predictable and forced. Are we really expected to accept that Will Shatner’s other son is Will Sasso and that Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan are married? I took the show about as seriously as I took Mad TV. I’ll probably give it another chance during reruns but for now it isn’t worth its time slot.

I give it 2 stars!


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