My Generation (Premiere)


ABC’s new show, “My Generation” might start slow but clearly has vast potential. The show is a mockumentary which follows a group of Austin graduates from 2000 and revisits them again in 2010.

The first 20 minutes of the premiere episode were a bit dull: the characters followed are predictable stereotypes and the show is forced to introduce the characters in depth in order to set a base for following drama. The rest of the episode, however, is fantastic. As secrets are revealed and the group finds themselves crossing paths once more, we are shown that despite our own efforts, life may take us on surprising journeys.

The show strikes two chords with me: 1) because it reminds me of both the cancelled-too-soon show “Reunion” as well as the reality show “High School Reunion” (both of which I love) and 2) as someone just starting to make my way into the “real world,” “My Generation” puts a bigger perspective on the choices of our past and the consequences we must deal with in our present.

I expect to continue watching this show with much fervor!

I give it 7 stars.. so far!


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