Running from 2007-2009, “Life” may have only had 2 seasons, but each of its 32 episodes are well worth watching.

Following the life of Charlie Crews, a detective who served 12 years of a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, the show features a specific crime each episode, while dealing with the over-arching mystery of who committed the crime Crews was framed for and why.

Though it may resemble a typical cop drama, “Life” also possesses a certain good-humor to the regular who-dunnit. As a device, many jokes are made using Crews lack of technological knowledge from the years he was incarcerated, certainly giving the detective a new approach to solving cases. While in prison, Crews also finds himself learning the art of Zen, an unusual trait for a cop which seems to confuse and irritate others. In addition, his time in prison has stemmed an obsession with fruit, bringing to mind the food obsession of Walter from “Fringe” after his time in a psychiatric hospital.

Along with the interesting storyline “Life” has a great cast of characters. Agent Dani Reese is the perfect partner for Crews, Ted somehow makes his way into our hearts, and Captain Tidwell (Donal Logue- Grounded for Life, Blade ) is surprisingly lovable.  Though only in 4 episodes, Gabrielle Union guest stars as both a beautiful and comical counter-part for to detective Crews. I was also excited to see Jessy Schram and Max Greefield whom I recognize from the amazing “Veronica Mars.”

While not everything is fully explained in the end, Crews manages to be both Zen and a kick-ass cop/ex-inmate combo that leaves the viewer at peace with the shows finale. Somehow, I imagine Crews is still out there, making the world just a little bit better.

I give it 7 stars!


One thought on “Life

  1. Amanda K

    I loved Life!! The show shouldn’t have been canceled, but I think that the loss of Dani Reese for quite a bit of Season 2 (due to the actress’s pregnancy) may have led to a decrease in popularity. I love Charlie’s attitude about fruit, his millions, Zen, and being a cop. Even though everything wasn’t totally wrapped up in the end, I loved how they managed to make the ending satisfying. I loved the attitude and characters on this show, and I think the closest equivalent on TV now is Castle.

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