Chuck (Season 4)


Like a great movie without an end, “Chuck” has provided an intriguing storyline, growth in plot and characters, mystery as well as humor, and the perfect touch of romance.

A computer geek working at the Buy-More, Chuck Bartowski is surprised to receive an e-mail from his old college roommate. He is even more surprised when the e-mail embeds top-secret CIA information into his head. Season 1 follows Chuck and his sexy handlers as he attempts to cope with secrets that put him in constant danger. While this makes for a fantastic season, luckily the creators/writers had enough foresight to add dynamic twists to season 2 and 3 to allow for growth and stray from falling into a mold.

Season 4 has just begun and it isn’t disappointing. Family secrets and spy humor have kept the storyline going and I’m interested to see what will make this season different from the previous ones. And guest stars such as Steve Austin, Lou Ferrigno, Dolph Lundgren, Stacy Kiebler, and Linda Hamilton spice up the action!

Though its been on the brink of cancellation, fans have managed to bring “Chuck” back. Join the ranks as dorky/cute Zachary Levi and hot, hot, hot Yvonne Strahovski kick ass and hold daytime jobs!

Read my initial review here!

I give it 8 stars!

For a completely different side of Zachary Levi, check out “Less Than Perfect“.


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