My Generation: Canceled!


Only 2 episodes into the series and the all new show, “My Generation” is canceled! I can’t help but be disappointed- the show had tons of potential and a great (so far) storyline of interwoven lives. Ultimately, it is my opinion that the show could have done very well had the episodes either been only a half-hour long or else in a different time slot. The show seemed to intrigue many potential viewers who simply had other shows to which they gave priority. That prime one hour is sometimes just too valuable.

“My Generation” … rest in tv history peace. You will surely be forgotten.

Why didn't you watch them??


4 thoughts on “My Generation: Canceled!

  1. Amanda K.

    I only watched 2/3s of the pilot before growing bored, but here’s my take on the premise. I loved the way they contrasted the political, social, and cultural differences of 2000 and 2010 with how the characters’ actual paths differed from their dreams. I think that My Generation would have made a fabulous movie, but it just didn’t have staying power. The Now and Then thing just isn’t sustainable. I think the show also fumbled by only featuring 10 students in the “Then.” While this is more realistic, it led them to draw so many interconnections within a small pool that I turned me off. I would have bought it more if one or more of the characters (like the babydaddy, for example) had gone to high school with them, but hadn’t been featured in the documentary. Just my opinion, but I think others realized the show couldn’t last, and that’s why they jumped ship.

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