Money Hungry (Finale)


VH1’s latest weight loss show, “Money Hungry” has come to a close. After weeks of watching the teams struggle to lose win challenges, play the game, and lose just enough weight to continue, the final two teams were Mission Slimpossible and The Regulators. I cheered for The Regulators the entire season and I’ve always hated Mission Slimpossible. However, the final episode made me believe that maybe Mission Slimpossible weren’t as awful as they seemed. When the Grading Curves were eliminated after an injury, Mission Slimpossible chose to give them the $10,000 they had won in the recent challenge.

In the end, Mission Slimpossible were declared the winners based on their percentage of weight loss. Though I do think that it is awful that Mission Slimpossible won after purposely gaining water-weight most episodes, in the end all three of the top teams ended up with their $10,000 entry fee back and phenomenal weight loss. I hope that VH1 makes a reunion episode to show us any further progress (or failures) made by the teams. I also would love to follow up with Josh and figure out why in the world he thought he is sooo great. He isn’t.


Winners: Slimpossible


I give it 6 stars!

To read my initial review click here.


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