Melissa & Joey


Ridiculously corny, “Melissa & Joey” is an ABC Family original show starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Without using any magic or supernatural creatures, the show still feels like one of the most unbelievable things I have ever watched. “Mel” is a local politician who has taken in her sister’s teen kids. In desperate need for someone to take care of her house and the kids, Mel hires former commodities trader, “Joe.” Like a strange version of “Who’s the Boss,” there’s first a hate then love/hate relationship between the two.

The majority of the jokes from the show consist of Mel recalling her wild girl-boozing-boy loving past (which sounds terribly fake because you can’t help but imagine her teen years as trying to learn the Spellman family secret and falling for Harvey Kinkle) and Joey being amazingly good at everything he does (which again feels contrived). It’s just too hard to believe that Melissa Joan Hart is a politician or that Joey makes all the women swoon (he clearly shapes and waxes his bodily hair).

This being said, the show reminds me of the the sitcoms I watched growing up and though I roll my eyes during most of the jokes, I still watch each episode. In truth, I image the show will be canceled soon, despite being picked up for 30 episodes. If you want to watch the pair, I suggest watching “My Fake Fiance” which is also corny but has an adorable ending!

I give it 5 stars!

Awkward body meet awkward hairline.



2 thoughts on “Melissa & Joey

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