NewsRadio (seasons 1-4)


A funny show that never seemed to get dull, NewsRadio ran on NBC from 1995 to 1999. Made up of a great cast, I remember loving the show when I was younger and even more now that I understand the jokes!

The series is set in the fictional AM radio station of WNYX in New York. The first episode follows Dave Nelson (Dave Foley) on his first day as the news director. While Dave is the main character, we certainly learn all about the rest of the characters.  Along with somewhat dorky Dave, the group includes the rich owner of the station who seems to have little grip with real life, Jimmy James; independent woman (and Dave’s love interest), Lisa; way too skimpily clad and hilarious, Beth; bizarre and awkward Matthew (Andy Dick); over-the-top and cocky, Bill McNeal (Phil Hartman); sassy and sexy, Catherine; and handy-man Joe (Joe Rogan).

The jokes are smart, the dialogue is sharp, and the plot can get absurd. The third- and fourth-season finales show the radio station as it might be in outer space and on the Titanic. In addition, there are tons of celebrity guest stars.

There are a total of 97 episodes (5 seasons), though Hulu only has 4 seasons available. I am interested in re-watching the final season where Jon Lovitz replaces Phil Hartman after Hartman’s tragic murder in real life.

I love the show and highly recommend it, though I find it best watched in pieces instead of watching many episodes in a row.

I give it 8 stars!


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