Being Erica (Seasons 1 and 2)


One of the best shows I’ve seen recently, “Being Erica” is a Canadian show that aired on SoapNet and the first two seasons can be found on Hulu. The show revolves around Erica Strange who, at 32, has found herself single and unemployed. At a crossroads in life and nearly having a melt-down, Erica has the good fortune of meeting a therapist, Dr. Tom. It turns out, however, that Dr. Tom has the ability to send Erica back in time to fix the many regrets that have lead her to this place in her life.

While there are always problems with shows/movies about time travel, the show is very well done and the events that Erica changes in the past are less about changing her future but more about changing her attitude and outlook for her future situations.

I found the show easy to relate to and I enjoy the engaging storyline, developed characters, and the ability to find both heartache and humor in the mistakes of our past. Erica’s uncertainty about her love life, her career (she has an English degree), and her family are problems that strike a very familiar chord.

The addition of the character Kai Booker in season 2 adds an interesting (and very good-looking) element to the show. We see another character who is also in therapy and we learn much more about Dr. Tom.

I am eagerly awaiting the 3rd season premiere in the US and earlier this month it was announced that ABC will make an American remake!

I admit that I believe the show far more strongly geared to women and I highly recommend it to women everywhere.

I give it 9 stars!


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