The Lake


A webisode fluff show, I watched the first episode of “The Lake” and rolled my eyes, vowing to never watch the show again. But later that day, I found myself with about ten minutes of time and the urge to watch something short. After watching another episode, I couldn’t help but watch the entire series- all 12 episodes with delight.

It’s a silly show, directed by Jason Priestly (of 90210 fame), about teenagers who come to Lake Eleanor during the summer. There they find love, trouble, and friends. While the show feels more like one good episode divided into 12 parts, the quick segments make the show flow rather quickly. It has just the right amount of teen drama and even when I was rolling my eyes at many of the scenes, I would gladly tune in for a second season.

As an added bonus, Elisa Donovan (Sabrina the TV series, Clueless) is the main character’s aunt and I find her adorable!

Check the show out on or hulu. I recommend it to anyone who wants a light show without a long time investment.

I give it 5 stars!


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